Sunday, August 17, 2008


This was my hair. Shiny and healthy . . .
. . . thick and streaked with color. I grew it for years and recently, like Fantine and Jo, cut it off and sold it. Unlike Fantine and Jo, however, I sold it for my own gain: I was getting a new computer. It is all picked out--color and components.

My husband is a student. We just found out he did not get a grant we had planned on. My hair money is now buying his required computer (professional school) instead of my really-wanted-it computer.
I should be noble like Fantine and Jo, but I'm not.
I'm just mad.

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  1. Is this really you? Or your mother? WOW! I just cannot tell from the back... I love the long Mattoon hair. Emily... I'm so glad that you have a blog.. I had so much fun ready all your entries tonight.. I love my dear old friend. You are such an inspiration to me..