Sunday, August 10, 2008


About this time of year, I start to get a lot of questions about homeschool. I decided a pictoral display might explain better than words.

Homeschool is forts in the living room with every pillow and blanket in the house (physics).

It is making a desk out of whatever is around to record events of the day.

It is reading to the two week old baby (love).Or the two year old sister (again, love--isn't that an academic subject?). Because if you do enough of that reading-to-them business, soon they do this.
And this.It is about taking the funnest field trips together (geology).

Story writing when inspired to write. One must always include illustrations with any good story.

And the use of incredible use of imagination and exploratory skills.

Every once in a while, you might use a work book.

Can you think of a more effective and fun way to learn? The older teach the younger, the mother learns from them all and family unity is the first lesson of the day.

And, it costs a lot.


  1. "and family unity is the first lesson of the day".....beautifully said!

    Homeschool ROCKS....I should tell my mom "thanks".

    Love the blog, LOVE you guys!

  2. Emily,
    How beautiful! You are very eloquent. Your children are very blessed to have you for their mom.
    Love, Betsy