Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Homeschool=Real Life

My children have wanted to have a lemonade stand all summer. Because projects like this are never as simple as "Peanuts" would have you believe, the Mothership guided the excited Pods. And, if the Mothership is involved, it is school. First we made purchases, then we divided until we knew how much each cup of lemonade cost. Then we talked about profit; how much do we need to charge to make a profit, how much is fair, how much is more than people will pay, etc. The children made posters to advertise, made change for customers and presented the product in a pleasing way. After we wrapped things up, the kids subtracted cost from the gross, then divided the profit in half (just the two oldest Pods worked the stand). We ask the children to put 30% of all earnings in the bank for long-term savings and 10% goes for tithing. Wow! Oh, yeah. They also made the lemonade and the Rice Krispie treats. That's a lot of education for a few hours of work. They made $9 each PLUS increased brain matter. Love, love home-education.

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  1. That is so Awesome! You are one of a kind! So impressive! What more can I say. Thank you so much for taking Parker during the party the other day, I appreciated it so much! You are so good!