Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Pod #1 with Pod #5

One of the things I've noticed about children is their ability to mimic everything I do. Sometimes they do it intentionally (you all know that really fun copycat game: Stop. Stop. No really, stop. No really, stop. Okay, that's enough. Okay, that's enough. and on and on until I tell them to go clean the toilet. That usually works.) But more often they mimic subconsciously. This is when we hear them calling the neighbor "Crazy Tom" which is what I call him. That is, by the way, because Tom is literally crazy. Still, it's not nice for a four year old to say such a thing! Geez. You get some good things, too. My two year old stroked my face today and said, "You are so beautiful." Some mimicing is certainly good.

The genius mimics pick up on our habits, actions, and words. This is helpful in a homeschooling environment. If I sit down to read, more often than not, I am joined by at least one child. If put pen to paper in a letter to my grandma, a child chooses to write a letter or draw a picture to someone they had been thinking about. I am a rather avid reader. A few years ago, some girlfriends and I started a book club. Not long after, my oldest Pod wanted to have his own book club. I wanted to learn Spanish and began checking out tapes from the library. Now my second Pod has a "Spanish Club" where she and her friends are learning beginning Spanish.

It goes on and on. Be the person you want your children to become.

This is my mother (who is higher than the Mothership? The Grandmothership?)holding hands with two of my pods. Next to them are two of my sister's girls and leading the pack are my two Down's brothers--they all love each other. This is my mother's legacy. I hope to mimic her better.
Meanwhile, I'm sorry Tom. I'm afraid the nickname has stuck. Children also have incredible memories.

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