Monday, August 25, 2008

Mother Bear

Everyone knows they should never get between a mother bear and her cub. Something breaks in that mama and she goes bananas. I firmly believe human mamas have the same Incredible Hulk tendencies.

This is my son. He is the oldest of five and the only boy. I don't think I've ever pulled into the driveway without him running out the door to help carry in groceries. He reads to his sisters, he tends them so I can shower, he can make a dozen meals and every once in a while let's me know that he will be cooking. If I fall asleep, he covers me up. If I'm tired, he rubs my feet. The neighborhood children adore him and will do whatever he says; he doesn't abuse that looked-up-to position. He is also a 9 year old boy so he pesters the girls, he is too smart with adults, and he doesn't keep a tidy room. I'm not perfect myself, so I'll give him a little leeway.

Tonight, I was talking to Crazy Tom. He had said a few things that were those "kind of" compliments about Pod #1 such as "He was much better behaved at the neighborhood potluck this year" and the like. I just nodded and agreed (which is how I survive most conversations with Tom) and said, "He is a very good boy." Crazy Tom then said, "Well, I'd say just a good boy." You will have to pardon the Mama Bear here, because flames rose up and lashed out of my eyes. What the Hell?!! Show me any other boy his age who is kinder to children and who takes better care of his mother and then you can say he is only good. Let's just say that Crazy Tom knows what this Mothership thinks about her very good, remarkable, even unusual boy.

And never insult a mama bears' cub.

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