Monday, September 29, 2008

Anne and Me

Remember when Anne had to go apologize to Mrs. Rachel Lynde? Anne gave an extravagant apology and then Mrs. Lynde said,

"There, there, get up, child. Of course I forgive you. I guess I was a little too hard on you, anyway. It can't be denied your hair is a terrible red; but I knew a girl once--went to school with her, in fact--whose hair was every mite as red as your when she was young, but when she grew up it darkened to a real handsome auburn. I wouldn't be a mite surprised if yours did, too--not a mite."
"Oh, Mrs. Lynde!" Anne drew a long breath as she rose to her feet. "You have given me a hope. I shall always feel that you are a benefactor. Oh, I could endure anything if I only thought my hair would be a handsome auburn when I grew up." (Montgomery, L.M., Anne of Green Gables. Bantam. New York.)

I have freckles--a lot of freckles. It has always been a thing for me. Judy Bloom wrote a book called Freckle Juice that I loved as a kid. I could not believe someone would actually want freckles. When I was young, people always told me that you grow out of freckles; thus the reference to Anne. HOPE! Well, I didn't. I still have freckles--a lot of freckles.

Now there are some good things about them. They hide blemishes and they make your face distinctive. I don't know if that second thing is good, but I'm choosing to think so.

Here is the bad part. I went to a dermatologist when I was 16. One looked at me and, with a low whistle, said, "You are cancer waiting to happen." Sheesh!

Because of that professional (I'm choosing to call it professional) advice (I'm choosing to call it advice), I am careful about checking my angel kisses regularly. This summer, I noticed a mole that looked a little odd. I went to the doctor to be proactive and had it removed right away.

He removed the wrong one.

I had to pay $114 for it.
I think he was lost in the sea. Next time I'll circle it with a Sharpie.


  1. First of all, have you seen my face? Or the sweet one's face? We are one big mass of freckles. I hate them, too. Violently. Secondly, the next time you need a mole's what you do. You call me. Then we call Mia Madre. We travel 20 minutes to Mia Madre's clinic on either a Tuesday or Thursday. She removes said unsightly blemish. You take her a lovely potted flower, or plate of dessert, or give her a hug. No $100+ bill. No mole. No problem.

  2. Emily! I thought you LIKED your sun sparkles! Was it just hopeless trying to explain to your mom, (who always thought you were stunning) that you did not like them? Probably...
    They are adorable on your own kids tho, right?
    See, that's how I feel, you are adorable...

  3. Freckles, shmeckles! When I was young I had very red hair, freckles, & glasses. Now honestly, do we really get worse than that! I love your freckles, I think they are so cute! I think that all of mine are now just turning into age spots! Yikes, I'm not sure how I feel about that, but apparently they don't care much about asking to see what I think about it! You are Beautiful, not only on the outside, but also on the inside!