Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back in First Grade

This is my opening post as "Supreme Commander" (though I must state categorically I am not supreme nor do I command) so have mercy.

These first five weeks of my program have whizzed by so fast I am constantly wondering "Did I miss something?". There is a rather disturbing scene in the movie Casino where Joe Pesci has a guy's head in a vice. That is the best way to descibe my brain pain right now. (Yes I'm probably exaggerating ;bear with me literally minded ones)

In all of this academic madness, however, there is one amusing caveat. In some aspects, I feel as if I am revisitng my elementary school days. Let me point out a couple of similarities:

1. With the exception of some sciences, all my classes are in the same room. We are one class of 61 souls who will all go through this together for the next four years. I think 6th grade was the last time I had what they called a "home room". The major difference now is that our teachers have PhD.'s and they don't turn off the light and ask us to put our heads down on the desk to calm our hyperactivity. (Still hyperactive, yes)

2. At home in the mornings I have begun an old ritual of the early morning cartoons. When I was a kid it was a bowl of cold cereal and watching Tom & Jerry, Tex Avery cartoons, Star Trek the Animated Series. It was an hour of mind-numbing, brainless entertainment before brushing the teeth, grabbing my lunch and bag and heading the half-mile for the bus stop. Fast forward a quarter century and Youtube transports me back to that cherished hour of animated sadism and stupidity.

Yes, I'm in a graduate program and should probably be more mature and focused. Perhaps this is a security blanket phase that will pass. In the meantime however, I plan on enjoying it.


  1. You are too Supreme--but, you're right; I command! (:

    Thank you for posting this morning thought rather than the dark, late night drafts you have composed.

    Love you, dear Commander.

  2. So funny Justin! Whatever gets you through!! Love you!!