Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yesterday I talked with my "little" brother on the phone for 45 minutes. I have quotes around little because he is decidedly not. He is 6'5". Since I am only 5'8", any time I can call him "little," I do. I digress.

Today, I spoke with by favorite sister on the phone for 85 minutes--not unusual. She needed motivation to put down her book and clean her house. In that 85 minutes we both got a lot of house cleaning done. She usually calls our mom when she needs that motivation. When we were young, Mom used to pretend her friend Marcy was coming to visit. Boy can you move mountains--literally--mountains (of laundry/dishes) when a friend is coming to visit. Oh, I'm digressing again.

The point I wanted to share with you today, is that in the last two days, I spent over two hours on the phone with my siblings. We are friends.

I love that we are friends.

And here's the thing: We are not all living the lives I hoped my siblings would live. I'm sure I'm having more babies than some of them think is prudent (though no one has ever said anything to me. . . ) or making other decisions with which they do not agree. It doesn't matter!! We are friends, buddies, confidants.

A couple of years ago we had a Siblings Weekend. We got together without parents or spouses and had such a healthy time. We talked and cooked and talked and went on drives and talked and saw a movie and talked, talked, talked. None of us are anti-vocal. It was wonderful to have no children to occupy our short time or distract our attention. We didn't have our spouses to share thoughts or feelings with so we shared with each other. There was story swapping and laughter and new understandings developed. We vowed to have Sibling Weekends on a regular basis--even if that means every 5 years.

What makes a family so unified despite being different people? How can you teach that? I see my children playing together and loving each other and I don't want it to end. I want them to call each other when they are 31 and 34 because they love each other. When they bicker, I want them to understand that someday they may live 1000 miles apart and they are going to wish for the time they can just be together. Take advantage of your time, dear Pods. I want to know that when I am gone, they will have each other. I know that when my parents are gone, we will hold each other and cry over the loss and laugh over the memories. No one will worry about who gets what because, Who Cares?

I love that my little brother called to tell me he made some adult league volleyball team. I love that he listens as I tell him about my ugly hair and my frumpy draw-string pants. Thank you, Levi, for loving me.

I love you, too.

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  1. The thing about siblings is... they HAVE to love you. Even if they hate how you think, or hate your spouse, or hate where you work...they HAVE to love you. It's an incredible relationship. I don't know many people who have this special relationship with their siblings. My relationship with my siblings is one of the most important things in my life. I am grateful for them and cherish our monthly sister nights. It's good to know someone else who has this much love for their siblings and to want it for their children.