Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Power of an English Accent

Friday night the boys went camping and the girls had a Girl Party. There was no glitter and we didn't dress up, but we had a ball. You see, we had the same foil dinners that I sent with the campers, but our dinner conversation was all in an English accent. Just like magic, it felt like a gourmet meal with linen napkins. We made pink cupcakes together and watched the newest Disney straight-to-DVD-crappy-movie while they cooled. After the show, we frosted and decorated our desserts.

Then all four of them climbed into my suddenly very small queen sized bed.

I love my girls.

You boys can go camping whenever you want.

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  1. I remember Joette and I would go into groceries stores when we were like 7 and 9 and pretend we were speaking a different language...we thought we were so cool.