Friday, September 19, 2008


He's the only boy, but don't feel too sorry for him. Yesterday the girls were playing some kind of imaginary old-fashioned-school house. Pod #1 wanted to play along.
They were using names like Carrie and Sally and drinking tea. They encouraged each other with dramatic, "Oh, that is lovely", "Yes, Teacher," or "I adore your idea." Once the boy entered the game, I noticed subtle changes in their conversations. Within 20 minutes, the school house had become some kind of war zone. New snippets of converstion I heard included, "Oh, no! The enemy helicopters are coming," and "I'm down!!" and "Sally, run and get bandages." I heard words like "infiltrate" and "sabotage."
Sabotage indeed.

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  1. Which is why your pods are my favorite. Sabotage, indeed. We need to get him with the funny one and have a party.