Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Hit

For those of you with a child (or children, of course) in the 7+ category, this is a great, first sci-fi book. I had been hearing about it for years and we finally picked it up for a family read-aloud book. I read over an hour each night until we finished because NONE of us wanted to put it down (this includes 31 year old me). We finished last night and raced to the library this morning to pick up the next in the series. It reads fast, but brings up a lot of discussion points (totalitarianism, population control, propaganda) that are difficult, but worth coming up with an opinion about. I love when pods asks questions like, "Why would any government think that (the evil thing that will give too much away) is okay?" Alright! Let's talk about it now, in the safety of home, when you are 9; otherwise you will be forming an opinion when you are 19 and vulnerable with the advice of a professor with whom I don't agree.

Wow. That last sentence was awfully pregnant.

Well, anyway, good book.

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