Monday, October 27, 2008

A Day in the Life

Does anyone else have climbers? All of mine have been climbers and the newest pod is promising to maintain the Fleet expectations. Some parents don't have any climbers. Some parents don't have any wall-colorers. Some parents have children who go to bed before 10. Whatever.The boy is going through what I call a Sandlot phase. I grin every time I look at him. (Well, not every time. There are the "I told you 15 times to put your sweatshirt away" times and the "Please stop pestering your sister" times and the "Yes, I have heard that joke--you have been telling me that joke for the last three years." Actually, wait. I do grin at that.) Independent two year olds; a two edged sword.

Oh, help. Have you ever seen anything so sweet? She is running a very effective dictatorship. We all jump when she says "jump" and melt when she says "melt."

I mean, could you stand up to this?!

And here we are--I think we are supposed to be in charge. Ha! I was told to include some pictures of the SC and I. I set the timer and ran. The SC is saying, "Did it go yet?" or something like that. I'm trying to look like I was just sitting cuddled up to my sweetheart and someone with a camera walked by and randomly took our photo.
Um, no. I just ran, dived, and posed.
I was in a royalty court for my city when I was a senior in high school. We were constantly posing for pictures; pictures with government officials, admiring children, other royalty, city monuments, etc. Then, of course, everyone in the picture wanted a shot with their own camera so we had to hold the pose (a natural one, preferably) for about 12 minutes.
One night during this time, I woke up a bit confused. I was, in my sleep, propped up on my left elbow, full-on princess smile.

As if we ever get to sit next to each other anymore. Guh.

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