Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

I hate hair. Let me qualify that statement because I actually rather like hair. It is an important aspect of someone's look. I love the feel of hair on my shoulders and I like to look at children's hair in the sunlight. I don't hate my hair--it is healthy and thick, has body and is a good color, overall. I suppose the correct statement should read, I hate fixing hair. It always looks like crap.

My mom grew up in the fix-it-every-night generation. She would sleep on rollers and do other torturous things to herself to have her lovely locks. She always made sure my sister and I had neat, fixed hair. She still wears her hair long and it is soft and feminine.

I was in high school when Sinead O'Connor was a big deal. My style has always been pearls and skirts so the whole bald-head thing wouldn't have worked, but, boy, did I think about it.

For a few years, I grew out my hair. It started to get in my way so I recently took off 19 inches. We now have a new problem. What do I do with this mane now?!!

I like short hair, so I google "short hair ideas" and I get this: Who is going to keep brushing their hair IN their face all day?!!

Then there is this:

That just scares me.

Of course, I could go here: I'm talking Hip Mothership . . . emphasize Mothership--a little out-there.

Huh. Weird.

We could do this all day.

Then I found this:

And this:

Maybe the internet can be helpful after all.


  1. Are you going for it???? Send out pictures if you do. I think you would look beautiful- as you always do.

  2. `I personally love the second one, it's HOT! Actually, I really do like the last 2, can't go wrong with short cute sassy hair! I'm all about the short hair! I love it! It really shows your attitude! Go for it!

  3. Don't do it honey!!! I'll brush it for you every day!!!

  4. I'm dealing with the hair thing too!!! I also have the thick hair and love it long...but I seem to go crazy when I get pregnant and chop it off. I just cut my hair yesterday for the 3rd time this pregnancy!!! That's got to be a record for me. But you're so beautiful, I'm sure you'll look great no matter what.

  5. I love the last one best, if that helps at all! Best of luck!

  6. I love it. But then, I love to do different things with hair all the time. Good luck, no matter what you choose.