Thursday, October 16, 2008

Five Years Ago, Today

It was a particularly hot summer that didn't cool down as Autumn began. My third pod was due in two weeks and I was hot and fat (obviously). It was Thursday so my first two pods (ages 2 and 4) and I went to Story Time at the local library. I was quite uncomfortable during story time and thought maybe I was starting early labor. We came home and I sat on the couch. Contractions started coming closer and stronger. I was now pretty sure this was labor and decided to have one more good contraction then I would call my mom to come get the kids and my husband to come get me.

One more contraction came--and so did my water. My bag burst. I could not believe the amount of water that came gushing so I ran to the toilet to drain. I didn't think to grab the phone and was a little busy, so I called to my son. "Quick! Call Grandma and tell her to come over because the baby is coming soon."

The following few moments are unforgettable to me and really mine alone. I cannot adequately describe the proverbial, manic, father-to-be reaction my four year old son manifested at this critical time. He pushed the memory button on the phone and was jumping all around yelling, "Grandma!! Get over here now! The toilet is broken and there is water all over the baby. Mom is having the baby right now and the water is in the toilet and HURRY because the water is breaking everywhere. Oh, my gosh. Grandma, Mom is going to the bathroom because the BABY IS COMING NOW!!"

Imagine my poor mother's thoughts during this completely confused conversation. During the ten minute drive to my house, she keep picturing Pod #1 delivering the baby on the bathroom floor. It did not happen quite that way.

The SC got home just after Mom and he raced me off to the hospital. I couldn't believe how much water was stored in my body. I kept a towel wrapped under me, but it was soaked by the time we arrived at the hospital. My sweetheart lowered me into a wheelchair and ran me to the Labor and Delivery Unit.

They rolled me in and started asking all of the questions while I changed into my gown. The lights were all on. A medical student who was on rotation with my doctor arrived. He was new, new, new and didn't know anything about the people part of medicine. Then the nurse asked if it was okay if some nursing students observe my labor. Apparently natural deliveries are unusual and they needed to see how it was different. The anesthesiologist came and started on his list of questions. Soon a couple of new nurses were orienting and they showed up. We were having a regular party, only I was in transition and just wanted everyone to shut-up! After about 45 minutes, I said, "I felt pressure. I think she is coming soon."
"Oh, no. You have plenty of time. We'll call the doctor and let him know, though."
I told the shaky medical student to get his gloves on because he was going to deliver the baby. He slowly began the process. I looked at my husband and said, "Get down there, this baby is coming." Then the nurses started in on their stupid "tiny pushes" b***s****. Not a swearer, but seriously. I have no drugs and there is a huge muscle doing what it does. I can't stop that!

Sure enough, one large wrench later, I was holding my baby. No doctor, one hand of a nurse and one hand of mine to catch her. With all of the professionals in the room, it was a good thing I was there to deliver the slippery wee one.

How does one describe that laugh-cry that a new mother experiences at the birth of a baby? If you've had one, you know.

And then, the quiet came. They poked and prodded my new-born as little as possible (per my request) then they all left. The SC turned down the lights and we cradled the impossibly tiny girl. She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches. I always forget how small they come.

We named her after me. Sometime I'll tell you how prophetic that was.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.


  1. Ohmygosh, what an amazing story! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. I love stories like that. And being ready for delivery right now...I've heard a ton lately...but that about tops it.

  3. This post made me laugh I was crying, and then cry for real.

    Oh that phone call from your 4-year-old. HILARIOUS. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  4. love all your birth stories! I can't believe you did them all, you are amazing!