Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Good Daughter

Three years ago, we moved from 5 miles away from my family to 550 miles away--over three mountain passes. My sister (on the right) (the Good Daughter, insists our dad) lives right next door to my parents. Yes; my sister and her husband bought a house right next door to my parents. She lives there with her four children. The four grandchildren, living right next door, are the real reason she is the Good Daughter.

Mollie, by way of information, is a total brat to our dad. No one know how she gets away with the sass she gives him. Yeah, yeah, she cleans out his garage periodically and makes really good cookies and lets his dog poop in her yard. But still!! She says stuff to him that NO ONE can say to him . . stuff like, "Put your dishes in the sink" or "Get your own d*** Pepsi."

One morning, Mollie was being especially irritating to Dad. He just kept working on the car/house/motorcycle (I don't know what he was doing), but was obviously annoyed with Sassy Pants. Then she did that thing, that magic thing that only she can do. She switched his entire attitude toward her by saying, "Don't you wish I was the one that moved away?"

I get to see her tomorrow. I can't wait.


  1. I seriously have always loved the happy-dynamics of your family. You've got to be some of my most-favorite cousins. Love you guys!!!

  2. you've made me tear, you boob. I'm glad your here...right next door right now in fact, and yet, you had to go to bed, so I'm sitting here "watching" (translation, ignoring) the presidential love you! and your...pods is that what you call them...mine are parasites...what should my blog name be...Host Habitus...?

  3. :-0 I am so happy you are finally back within a reasonable distance from home! It has been a real joy having you guys around again. I suppose I'll now have to start picking on a couple of sons I can think of....