Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Un-Pack

We are home after a week away. Now we are un-packing. Why is this part so much work?? First we have to clean out the traveling car--which means washing up sticky spilled drinks and vacuuming cracker crumbs and trying to force my too-big fingers in to small places to pull out stray crayons. It also means a trip to the car wash to try to remove the bugs from the front of the van. It, after 1000 miles, has turned into some kind of haunted house fruit leather.

Next comes the laundry and the sorting of clothes and coats and toys and maps. Once that is all put away, I am re-introduced to my home--one that has been neglected for seven days. I have a huge stack of mail in which to wade. There is a large stack of library books that needs to go back today and several appointments to make. My inbox in a little overwhelming.

Since we left, the temperatures changed. When we left, we had touches of Autumn; wore jeans and a sweatshirt, but only in the mornings and evenings. I came home to snow. Geez. That means I have to sort through the drawers of five pods to store the summer clothes for the winter, pull out the winter clothes, have the pods try on the clothes to find out if we even have any clothes that will fit them, and weed out all of those things that (for the younger ones) were cool 6 years ago, but are now lame. Also with the weather change comes a new phase of gardening. The beds will need to be cleaned out and the lawn and soil prepped for winter.

It is the middle of the month so bills are due. I haven't one orange pumpkin or white ghost decorating my house and Halloween is days away. The stores have put all of their Halloween stuff away already.

I should be overwhelmed, but I just returned from vacation. I am rested and refreshed. I am ready to be the Mothership of this fabulous fleet.

After I reply to all of my e-mail.

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