Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hide and Seek, of Sorts

Every day, from Noon until 6 and then (usually) from 8-11pm, my beloved is in the library studying his brains out. Okay, maybe not out, but sometimes he swears that his brains have been thoroughly dissolved then chilled to set in their new mold. I don't know a lot about medicine, but I'm pretty sure he's exaggerating.

Anyway, every day, The SC is in the library for about 9 hours (he's in classes all morning). We don't get to see him a lot, but we know the absenteeism is temporary. We know he'd rather be with us, on a hike, enjoying all of the fall colors and eating a picnic lunch on a natural meadow. But he's not. He is in the library. We had a miracle happen in our family. All of the children were dressed . . . with hair fixed . . . with faces washed . . . with dry diapers . . . with brushed teeth . . . with shoes AND socks . . . with full bellies SO we went to surprise Dad at the library.

Now, I feel I must explain a seemingly backwards feature of our family: We do not own a cell phone. There is some pretty serious science to show that cell phones cause cancer and car accidents and autism and sickle cell anemia. Also, they are often held by dolts who do not know how to read signs that proclaim, "No Cell Phones." We don't want to be thought of as dolts. I am sure that none of you, my dear readers, are that type of cell phone user. Cell phones are bad for your neck and the extra weight owners have to carry around, even when they are not using the phone, is bad for their lower back . . . and feet . . . and stuff.
Err, yeah, and, um, we can't afford one.

So we didn't know where our dear daddy was. 'Cause we couldn't call him. 'Cause of the cancer.

One of the pods spotted his bike in the massive chaos of bike racks so we were sure he was there. It was a beautiful fall day and we thought we'd kidnap Dad for a few minutes.

Up and down the aisles of ceiling-high book shelves went my children's feet. We went from wing to wing, floor to floor looking in every cubby, at every table. The kids thought it was fun--like a huge game of hide-and-seek.

We never found him.

We left him a note on his bicycle and went to the park.

If we had had a cell phone, we would have discovered he was at a building right across the street.

Now, who's the dolt?

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