Friday, October 31, 2008

How Does She Know?

I can hear the cellophane crinkle from the other side of the house. I holler, "Get out of the cookies!" Then I hear a discouraged sigh from the kitchen followed by, "How do you know?"

Mom's know everything. (We at least know the important everythings: "I know you didn't put your clothes in the laundry" and "Pushing stuff under your bed is not cleaning your room" and "Do not look at your sister that way" all without our moving off the couch or looking at the pod.)

My mascara is three years old--it is dry and I'm sure it's chock full of those dangerous bacteria the make-up companies warn you about. It's been on my list for a while to buy new mascara, but I can't make myself pay for the gunk.

Enter Mom. I just got a box from my mother with a bunch of random stuff--mostly for the kids. However, in it was a brand new mascara!!
How do mom's know everything??

This particular mom is particularly good at this kind of thing. I mentioned something about my sheets being low quality. A few weeks ago, when visiting, she walked it with gloriously soft, high thread count sheets. Now, when I crawl into bed, I feel like I'm doing in advertisement for the linen company with my "ooh"s and "ahh"s and squishing around with my eyes closed and a satisfied grin on my freshly washed face, my too bright teeth and my glowing skin. Wait. Delete that last part. I'm actually crawling in with milk stained pajamas, day-old make-up and a lot of freckles. Still, let's focus on the sheets! Ahhh.

My niece (17 yrs) was saying she needed some new skin care products. She said something in front of Grandma hoping Grandma (my mom) would pick up on the clue. I'm sure my niece has received the needed products. You see, all I have to do is mention on the phone how my skin has been dry lately, and the next thing I know, a package arrives in the mail with a whole regimen to improve the health of my skin.
She sends socks for the pods, favorite treats, rugs, and gift cards for grocery stores. Every box is a surprise and always there is something that I didn't know she knew we needed.

Mom's are really amazing. Just don't ask us about hard stuff, like "What does the tooth fairy do with all of our teeth?" and "How does Santa know we can't have a pony" and "Why won't you put a band-aid on my tongue?"
Moms are good at putting band-aids on knees and hearts. And we really do have eyes in the back of our heads.


  1. Emily, you should write a book! You know, something like little women. Something about YOUR life and YOUR experiences. I know I would read it!! You have a talent for putting things into words and I love reading it here in your blog:)

  2. for everything wrong a mom might do it is made up 100 times fold for all the good we do-

    all moms go to heaven- or almost all of them- our lives are consumed by loving other human beings (children- even better) we think we are having a bad day or whatever but really our day consisted of reading a story to the three year old, nursing a baby, making lunch for the husband, cleaning the house, singing with the kids, taking the kids for walks, teaching kiddos to pray- I mean honestly who really cares if a mom slams a door once in a while or eats too much chocolate- or wastes a day doing nothing productive- we are pretty amazing-

    oh and I love your Mom so much Emily. I think I annoyed her back in the day because she only knew me when I was young and annoying- but I love her simpleness- she's the kind of person you want to go on a walk with and it would be so enjoyable because the littlest things would make her happy and...conversation would be so easy- it just is with Alicia.

  3. Now I TOLD you what the tooth fairy does with those teeth didn't I?
    You are just too easy... No, grateful is the right word. I think it is hard to think of things for some people.

    (I was never annoyed with April-- entertained would be the right word.)

  4. Oh - I love your mom too! She is wise, spiritual, kind, & gentle.

    I agree with Ashley - you should write a book. I love reading what you write.