Friday, October 3, 2008

A Moment in Your Day Saved Mine

I have a small business (very small; a micro business). For our purposes today, I'm going to divide a business into two parts: 1. The Product (cutting the hair, mowing the lawn, popping the popcorn, fixing the computer, etc.) and 2. The Business Crap (accounting, advertising, price setting, etc.) I hate #2 (pun intended!) and I'm not good at it. I don't ever want to put anyone out. If someone offered me $5 to mow the lawn, I would say, "Um, okay." and just do it--knowing the $5 wasn't even paying for the gas in the mower. I would sell my candy bars for less than they cost me if my customer grumbled about the price. Yesterday, one of my customers called and wanted to take advantage of me in that way.

Oh, the pain, the sweat, the uncomfortable having-to-stand-up-for-myself. I was so close to just saying, "Um, okay" but somehow abstained. I was at a complete loss as to what to say so I mumbled something about "call you back." Argh! There goes the morning. I couldn't concentrate when I was trying to help my kids with school, I'd stop in the middle of reading a book to stare out the window, I was looking right at a Pod when they were speaking and I wouldn't hear a single word. I was a mess.

In comes Hero Brother.

I have always admired my big brother. He is handsome and talented and smart and funny and, most of all, has loved me. He is also a lawyer. Handy, eh. I sent him a note explaining my problem and he helped me. His few moments out of his day saved mine. After reading his e-mails, I suddenly found myself whistling--yes, whistling and it was completely subconscious. This is a guy who can charge $9.3 billion an hour for his advice and he has far more important clients than his lowly sister.

It makes me wonder, How many times could a moment out of my day, have saved someone else's? How many times do I miss out on being some one's hero?

Thank you, Joe.

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