Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Only One Book

Last year, we had an evacuation drill in our home. Dad came home from work and said we had two minutes to get out of the house. He even set the kitchen timer for accuracy. We raced around in a manic scramble to throw those most-valuable things into pillow cases and laundry baskets. We flung our treasures into the van and piled our bodies in behind them. Then we went to Applebee's for dessert. While we were sitting there, we took inventory. One person forgot shoes, we had one blanket for the whole fleet, we had no cash. The pods impressed me with what they did remember, but if it had been a real evacuation, we would have been uncomfortable.

For the next several weeks, we made up little emergency kits for the pods. Because they are still little people, we were strict in our editing. We want them to be able to carry their stuff. We have food, water, whistles, rope and other essentials. We also have journals and small toys (army men and Polly Pocket kinds). Lately, I have thought about what it would be like to have 5 pods under the age of 9 in a school gymnasium for three or more days. Augh!!! BORING.

I want to put reading material into each kit. Baring scriptures, what books should I add? Remember the 0-10 age of my pods. Here are my stipulations:

  • It needs to be something we can read aloud--no dialect writing; it is super-hard to read aloud!

  • It must have a good and uplifting message (tragedy is okay as long as it is resolved in the end--we are already in a tragic situation).

  • It has to be longer than Junie B Jones or Magic Treehouse or we will be out of books after 45 minutes. ("Well, that's the end of the story. How about Simon Says again!!")

  • It has to be a book you can read over and over again.

Each pod only gets one paperback.

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  1. Okay Emily,
    Here goes. Some of these are more serious than others and it is just off the top of my head without studying the bookshelf.
    For Issac: My Side of the Mountain- probably Clark's favorite book to listen to ever. I've read it aloud and he's listened to it on tape I don't know how many times. Encourages resourcefulness in challenging circumstances.
    For Eliza: Caddie Woodlawn. A bit more lively than Little House and all in one book.
    For Camilla: Hmm, this one stumps me a little. I guess I'd have to say Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's just fun.
    For Lucy: Ernie's Big boy Potty. Faith never tires of this board book. Adorable pictures and hey, if your stuck in a gymnasium for five days, you may as well get the potty training thing down!
    For Eve: Whatever book you don't want any more so she can just tear it apart or chew the board pages!