Friday, October 17, 2008

The Other Great Debate

We women get pretty riled up about stuff. Some of the hot topics include: breast/bottle, work/stay at home, gun toys/no gun toys, Barbie dolls/no Barbie dolls, public/private/home school. You know, the little stuff. **wink** I haven't heard a whole lot of passion about the pacifier/thumb debate. Let's go there.

I, personally, love the thumb. Know why? I am LAZY. Who wants to always keep track of the stupid pacifier? The dang baby spits it out, pulls it out accidentally, falls asleep, let's loose of the suction, then wants it again at 2 am. They do all of this toying around and then screech at the poor mom because it is no longer in their mouth! Seriously, kid, if you really need to suck on something that gives you no nutrition, pick something easy for your mothership. I have two thumb-suckers already and the baby is trying to decide. You know my vote, but, it turns out, babies don't ask for mother's advice all that often ("how about keeping all of that yellow goo in your diaper next time" or "stop rolling over if it makes you so mad" and so on).

My scientific studies have proven that they get sick less than other children because they are constantly ingesting, well, everything. You can't sterilize thumbs with boiling water, apparently.

The only persuasive argument I've heard in favor of the dadgum pacifier is the whole you-can-take-them-away-easier point.

Okay, that's a good one.

But still . . .

I'd rather have a 38 year old thumb sucker than spend these few precious years looking for the dadgum pacifier!


  1. That one good argument is the sole reason I try and find the dadgum pacifer all the time. ;) Oh, yeah, and supposedly it is supposed to ruin their teeth less. So maybe the braces will cost less? Or not. Who knows.

  2. I can always count on a good laugh everytime I get on the mothership. I LOVE YOU! My little Preslie is obsessed with the pacifier and she has now learned to find it and put it back in her mouth. So there you go. Your kids are adorable. Camilla is FIVE? That doesn't seem right. Some days I wish I could slow the clock down!