Friday, October 31, 2008

Post-Halloween Requirements

Let's just get this out of the way, shall we? Halloween was tonight, in case you missed the crazed children dressed in costumes from movies I hope they have not seen. Also, Raggedy Ann and Andy, super heroes, and Wizard of Oz characters. Those are heart stealer's!

Our family had a gaggle of Princesses.Baby Pod? Yes, she was there. She can't have candy, yet, so I let her eat tulle. She was kinda Snow White (I didn't put a whole lot of effort into authenticating her costume). We just need a Jasmine Princess and I think we'll have the whole round up. Of course, that would mean birthing another girl and I don't know if the oldest pod could take it if I did that. He may just curl up and die if one more princess comes with her with her lip gloss and ribbons and dolls; endless dolls.
We thought of putting the poor boy in a dress and beard and calling him the Ugly Step-sister. We feminine types were quickly vetoed. Instead, we have Rocky and Adrianne.We went Trick or Treating to the business in our small town's Downtown. The kids enjoyed it, and I saw this, which was a little disturbing.
But, you know, dress-up and candy. Could anyone have possibly come up with a better idea? Look at my son trying with every ounce of Rocky strength to decide what the maximum amount of candy would be that he could take without appearing rude.
Then we had this nice run-in. Maleficent. Sleeping Beauty is obviously terrified. So is her mother, who waited to save her until after the picture. Kind of like when a child breaks a dozen eggs or gets in the tub with their clothes all on or falls asleep on the toilet--the priorities always list Picture First.All in all, a great party.
Sweet dreams, my sugar coma baby.

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  1. Yo Adrienne! Those are the sweetest princesses ever and Rocky, be still my pattering heart.