Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Wood Haul

This was a very familiar scene in my childhood: Dad with a chain saw. Not only did he start a lot of projects around the house with one, he also cut wood. Weird, huh, using a tool for what it was intended (butter knives are not screwdrivers, fingers are not toothbrushes). Anyway, we had a wood fireplace and it was our sole heat source. We cut a lot of wood.My uncle had some slash piles he needed cleaning up and though my parents don't rely on the wood heat as much now, they still burn as much as possible. What a great chance for my pods to learn about my childhood! It wasn't nearly as rugged as our old wood hauling days, but . . . they got a taste.We all worked. It didn't matter how cute your outfit was, everyone pitched in. "Someone please pull up my pants."
Our work force consisted of a lot of kids and my two retarded brothers. So much desire. One of the four adults (me) was holding a fussy baby and taking pictures.

This is Mom and Zachery. The Good Daughter and Danny Boy. Daniel was the happiest boy you ever met while I was visiting. He has always been my little boy. This was not just smiling for the picture, we had a great time. Hauling wood was always a fun adventure for me as a child, too. There is something about working together as a family; it is a fun, unifying time. As our great-grandma used to say, "Many hands make light work."Now they know me, their Mothership, a little bit better. And there is wood for winter.A regular modern-day Ingalls Family.


  1. I love everybody with their work gloves on... there is something about a good pair of work gloves that gets you in the mood.

    This WAS a very adorable work crew. 'Adorable' usually isn't a selling point for workers, but it sure worked for this old grandma.

  2. Pining for pine trees in Pocatello (sigh)