Friday, October 3, 2008

What Did You Say?

A little while ago I found an article about this amazing thing. It's all about the Israeli astronaut that died in the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster. Thirty-seven pages of his diary apparently survived their fall from space and were found in a field outside of Palestine, Texas (irony). My Pods, especially my oldest, are fascinated with space, astronauts, satellites and rockets. I excitedly told him the story. He was less-than enthusiastic. Oh, well. I can't expect to thrill my Pods with everything that I think is neat.

Fast forward to this over-heard conversation: "Hey, do you know what Mom just told me? They found this astronaut's diarrhea in a field! They're even gonna put it in a museum. Sick, huh?!!"


  1. *cringe!* Well, those Teachable Moments come in all shapes and forms sometimes, huh?


  2. I'm surprised he said gross instead of, "That's awesome!" like my kids would have. ;)