Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Moment of Mothering Genius

I decided to get a movie. There wasn't anything that I really wanted to see, so I picked up Tinkerbell and Clone Wars. These are very gender-specific movies.

How are we going to decide who gets to watch their movie first, I asked.

Voting is out because four to one are not fair odds. Inka Binka Bottle of Ink or Bubblegum Bubblegum in a Dish are reliable options. Even with that, though, the boy is overwhelmed by his sisters' sheer numbers.

Then I thought of something, Hey, I know. Whomever has the best behavior until movie time gets to choose the movie.

That was pure mothering genius. The drive home was filled with Let me help you with that (s) and You're the best mom in the world (s). Once we arrived, the children were quick to do the coming-home chores (putting away shoes and coats, bringing in groceries). As we sat at the table for a snack I heard amazing words coming from the lips of my very own offspring;
  • Mom, thank you for paying for my braces so I can ask girls on dates when I am 16 (he is 9).
  • Thank you for tying my shoes this morning.
  • Thank you for letting me have my own room.
  • Thank you for teaching me math.
  • Thank you for laughing with us.
  • Here, let me rub your feet.
  • I'll brush your hair.
  • Oh, I'll clean up that spill.
  • No, it's okay, you can have the last one.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to work.
  • Thank you for helping me clean my room.

And on and on it went; each pod scrambling to say the nicest, the kindest, the most creatively good thing. I didn't want it to end, but, alas, they wanted to watch their movies so I had to choose.We did Inka Binka Bottle of Ink. I mean, who can choose the best part of a miracle.


  1. who can choose the best part of a miracle... OH I LOVE THAT!!

  2. I love this picture of your kiddies. When do you think that might work again? I like it.