Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Mothership is Michael Scott

Is there such a thing as Post Party Remorse?

I don't get out a whole lot; what with the finding (not exaggerating) twelve shoes, making sure all hair is brushed and faces washed, changing the last minute dirty diaper and the exhausting performance of getting everyone buckled into their car seats and so forth. But I do like society. I enjoy the neighborhood potlucks, the church activities, the community parades. Since I am around children all day, it is nice to talk to grown-ups.

My sister gave me a wonderful compliment. There was an event that my mother and sister were attending; my sister asked if I were going. Upon the affirmative reply, she said, "Oh good then we will have fun." While I do not think I am the Life of the Party, I do have the ability to strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. This skill, if you will, is also my curse. At least once per party, I make a fabulous gaffe.

I did it again tonight.

There is a scene from The Office when Michael and Dwight are at CFO David Wallace's home for a party. Dwight asks, "How many square feet is your home?" Michael calls him to task saying it is a completely inappropriate question. Then Michael says, "But, really, how much did you pay for it?" Augh! All of America is groaning with "No, no, no. You can't say things like that."
Enter the Mothership.

The woman sitting next to me was saying that they just finished building a new house. Her husband is in Pharmacy school (which I know from personal experience is rather expensive). I asked where she worked. She is a case worker. "Oh, really," I said, . . .then . . . wait for it . . . "That isn't a very high income field, is it?"

No, I am not kidding. I actually said that to this poor woman whom I had just met. It turns out that you can't shovel words back in your mouth no matter how fast you talk. I can't even blame it on the booze 'cause I don't drink.

Must I ruin a great party every time with my stupid mouth? Maybe I should start drinking so I at least have an excuse.


  1. First of all, I'm quite sure it's gaffe, and not gaff. A gaff has something to do with fishing. A gaffer is an important person on a movie set. A gaffe is a social faux pax. I would know because I commit them all the time! Ask me about when I asked a woman what a BFW was. Not good. As Brian Reagan would say, "When's the ba---aaaby due? I mean, at the zoo?" Secondly, I'm sure it didn't sound that bad. ;D

  2. I hope it's ok. I nabbed this idea for a post tonight. But I gave you props!!!

  3. Maybe she had been drinking and she won't remember what you said. We can only hope, right?