Monday, November 10, 2008

Simplify, Minimize

Disclaimer: I am reading The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder to the children right now. Every time I read a Little House book, I long for simplicity and sometimes go a little overboard. Please excuse any unrealistic notions.


After Hurricane Katrina, people were living in these tiny, dumpy FEMA trailers so somebody smarter than me drew up plans for tiny, inexpensive houses. They are an affordable replacement and are darling. Darling. Take a look at this one, for instance. I also love this one. If you put a full basement under the cottage, you have plenty of room, but not an extravagant McMansion.

Think of it; a whole house, with land, water, sewer, gas, etc. for less than $100,000. The kids don't need their own bedrooms, we can stuff three or four into a twin bed. They don't need stuff; each of them can have one doll or other favorite toy. Laundry day would almost be a delight if everyone had a church dress and an everyday dress. We can't do without books, so our walls would be lined with shelves instead of framed works of art or vinyl lettering. It would take 20 minutes to clean the house, 3 hours to scour every corner and dust every gathering place. Think of the money you'll save in utilities (doesn't take much to heat or light such a small place). All that money for clothes and toys and heat that you can now put towards, oh, I don't know, how about this or this. There is always this option:

Sometimes I feel so heavy with stuff, ya' know?

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  1. oh Emily I am obsessed with simplicity- and I often think of your huge family in that little home and I think, "Emily has the Prairie life" I do!

    Little house on the prairie is loved by me- the show more than the books- I cry when I watch it- the simple life- the simple life where all you need is family and God.

    I am doing better- I continue to get rid of more and more junk and I love it. But I tend to be a hoarder too at times and it makes me wonder why? Less is more- less is more