Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Power of Our Looks

This mothership has borne a lot of babies, though not as many as this chick. Growing five full-term babies is a lot for most uteruses. After having made a habit of regular, successive pregnancies, I know a how my body works.

First, I put on a lot of weight. A lot of weight. Did I say that already? I gain at least 50 pounds and only put about 6 1/2 of those pounds onto a living human being. Naturally, I do not come home from the hospital in my pre-pregnancy clothes.

The good news is that, second, I loose it all. It just takes time.

And, so, hooray, my baby is 4 months old and I am back. in. my. jeans!

What is it about women? If we feel ugly, we are grumpy. Yesterday, I was virtually the same size that I am today, but I felt soft, frumpy, blah. Today, I'm wearing the jeans and feeling, well, not hot, but at least cute. I have been down-right jolly today.

There are eighteen loads of laundry in my basement? Alright. Let's get a move on!

You want me to pull out the winter coats, hats, gloves, and boots so you can walk two blocks to the post office and mail a letter? You betcha!

Every cushion, blanket and pillow must be used to build a gargantuan cold-day fort in my living room? No Problem.

My attitude towards everything is optimistic, cheerful, go-get-'em. It's almost as if, when I pulled on and buttoned my pants, the old Mothership returned.

If I put on lipstick, I may even be able to say "No, Thank you" to the door-to-door salesman. That would truly be groundbreaking.


  1. it is all about jeans- I never weigh myself I just keep trying on my favorite jeans until they fit how I want them to-

    I think nursing plays a big factor with me- so many tease me how I nurse my babies until their 2 practically (more like 16 months or so) just so I can get my weight down- not true- but whatever works right?

  2. I agree--nursing helps a great deal. I'll have to post sometime about all of the benefits of lactation. (:

  3. I have no comment about fitting into my old jeans. I just bought new ones. And yes, I nursed both of mine for 2 1/2 years each.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope your Poppy Seed Chicken turns out good. I've modify the original recipe just a bit.

  4. I am so glad i took a peek to catch up. your new little one is so darling. I wish we were still neighbors, kind of, to swap babysitting.. okay so we haven't had a baby sitter since we left Idaho.. oh well.
    I miss cleaning with you.. isn't that something... and i ordered floor mats from Don and thought of you again!
    Michelle Burns

  5. I HATE YOU! I still have to do up my jeans with an elastic hair band. And someone must think you are hot, hence the number of children. You are much, much, much, much taller than me, though. Does that justify why I can't get rid of this belly fat? Ha Ha HA! Just Kidding to all. I am thrilled for you. Rock On!

  6. @m~ I know nursing doesn't work for everyone. Some actually gain weight. Not fair, huh.

    @Michelle We miss the babysitting deal, too. Hope you are loving your new place.

    @Strange and Awkward **grin**