Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inspire Not Require

When we first explored the idea of homeschooling our children, we found a book called The Thomas Jefferson Education. It is really more of a homeschooling philosophy than a curriculum. A main feature of the philosophy requires the parents to be mentors to the children. It teaches that a child will mimic what he sees, therefore, the hardest part of the curriculum is MY part--if I'm not doing a thing, there is little hope that my child will want to do it.

I have seen inspirational mentoring work dozens of times over the course of our homeschooling journey. The first time I recognized it was when we were trying to decide whether to home school. I sat down with a notebook and did a little journaling to help organized my thoughts and feelings about it. My son, then age five, watched me for a minute then went and got his own notebook. He sat next to me and made his own journal entry. It was all the convincing I needed. I knew this program could work if I did my part.

My (humble, lucky-if-I-get-any-comments) blog is nearly 100 posts old and my son has just started his own blog. Every nine year old should have a blog--it would entertain the masses. Already, his desire for better punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure is thrilling this don't-force-it Mothership.

I love seeing all of the steps of our children's educational journey.


  1. I am always in defense it seems to homeschooling. I have met so many brilliant normal socializing homeschoolers that it just seems completely rational to homeschool- I have thought a great deal about it- especially when I found out that kindergarten is a full day here and it made me want to cry just thinking about it...

    but I don't think I have your stamina and Thomas Jefferson would be disappointed in me- I wouldn't get anything done I am afraid-

    tell me how you do it? Tell me about a typical day. tell me the cons- and what kind of exposure do they have to the world- are they involved in sports or go to the public school for music class or anything? Do they still get the chance to be made fun and come crying to you for help or do they skip all that growing up stuff and your children just kind of live in bliss?

    I am considering homeschool- can you tell?

  2. they- meaning your kids

    sorry I was typing too fast