Saturday, December 6, 2008

Looking On

This is how I arrange my nativity scene. Mary is kneeling at the feet of the Baby Jesus, Joseph is standing by, the secondary characters look on from the periphery and the animals are scattered here and there. It is set like a stage, no backs are to the audience and the taller people are in the back.

This, by the way, is the DO NOT TOUCH nativity. It is fraa-jee-lay. (Name that movie!)

This is the way my children arrange it. Jesus is in the middle, but every person, angel and animal are focused on Him. One of my pods does this every year. Each time I see it, I put the pieces back, yet the next time I look at it, the nativity is back, focused on Baby Jesus.

Yes, please notice the donkey's missing ear. The donkey ear is missing from every nativity scene in America. It is followed by the angel's wings. Like I said, this is the DO NOT TOUCH nativity.

We also have a PLEASE PLAY WITH ME nativity. It is a Little People's version with sweet faces and indestructible donkey ears. Here we see the children have placed all of the characters in their places. Even the sheep dog looks reverently on.My children teach me things every day. Do I do what looks good or do I do what is right? And in what direction am I looking?


  1. One of my favorite memories of your kids was when they were at my house at Christmas time and they did the same thing to my nativity scene, but they added every small toy in the toy box. I have hundreds (it feels like) of those little happy meal toys and they were all squeezed in, reverently adoring the baby King of Kings. Every Disney, Star Wars, Dinosaur, Car, Army man and creature were in the attitude of praise. Thank you for those children who remind us ALL.

  2. "Fra-gee-lay. It must be from Italy."....something like that. A Christmas Story...classic. I do also love the way the kids arranged the nativity. So sweet!

  3. Emily, I have missed you! I love your blog! I am sorry I am out of time and can't read more, you are every bit as funny as when we were kids! I just had to say that we have the exact same Nativity situation at our house. In fact I now have about 4 sets that I have made/collected that are just for the kids and they are all arranged in the same manner. Just yesterday Barbie and several of her friends in their finest evening gowns (and heels of course) made their appearance before the infant Savior. Unfortunately, the toy manufacturers do not make her easily able to kneel, so my 5 year old, forced to improvise was very creative in her posing and animal riding :).
    I'd love to catch up sometime!
    Your family is beautiful!
    Love, Jenny (Howald) Folsom