Saturday, December 13, 2008

A New Worry for the Mother

The first time I sat with my husband's brothers for any length of time, I was a little freaked out. First, they are a very loud family and they don't take turns speaking. My people are a boisterous group, but I had never seen anything like this. Not only were they talking at most people's yelling volume, but they were talking like insane people. They were hollering back and forth about an article they had just read about the United States owning scores of all-white boxcars. So, I think, but don't dare say it out loud. They holler on, Inside, the walls are lined with shackles. Why would the United States government need boxcars with shackles? They don't even use them, they just sit in a rail yard. They are not for existing prisoners; they are for a large group of people that need immediate silencing.

The conversation went on to speculate about which group of people was targeted and why.

I just sat shriveling in a corner.

Then, one brother started, Yesterday I went out to the Palouse (an area with large tracks of farmland). There were these huge tanks placed strategically all over the area. I think they are tankers full of fuel. The Air Force is up to something, I'm sure of it. (We lived near an Air Force base). The other brothers joined in with full passion about why the United States Air Force would strategically place fuel tankers all around our city. There was a general insistence that we all get into the vans (there are a lot of us) to go see the mystery tanks.

I had never heard this kind of talk, so, I, convinced something was going terribly wrong, hurried into the car.

They were water tankers used for irrigation.

This was my first introduction to conspiracy theories and theorists. Now, after eleven years with the brothers, I don't believe anything they say concerning the end of the world. I ask one brother, who always has a new certainty of the identity of the Anti-Christ spoken of in the scriptures, Who is the Anti-Christ today? He usually has an answer for me. Once it was Prince Charles.

I have become very sceptical of any conversations that lean in a conspiratorial direction. There is no way the government is hiding alien cadavers in New Mexico. Despite this convincing footage, there are no haunted houses. I've never believed that the government has a system that traces key words in telephone conversations or e-mails. My husband's brothers are kooks.

Enter my son's blog. His first entry was some crazy I'm-a-nine-year-old-boy-and-I-have-a-blog diatribe. He had an image of a nuclear blast. He used words like bomb, blowing up, and the disturbing phrase: well at least it wasn't America. that time.

His site meter registered a visit from the United States Armed Forces.

No, I am not kidding.

I wonder who the shackles in the boxcar are for.


  1. OMGOSH! How in the world did you deal with the visit from the US Armed Forces?! I would have so been in middle of a heart attack! Even if it was only a cyber visit. I LOVE the picture of the kids watching the city workers! Isn't that the best free entertainment?!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. After having my niece and nephew all week while my sister was in the hospital I have to say mommies of 5 are my heroes! Come back anytime.

  2. Ha! You're husbands family sounds like a kick! Although, I'd be worried about that visit from the armed forces. Yikes!

  3. I love your son. Have I ever mentioned that? I truly, deeply love that kid. There will never be anyone like him.

    So, was the moon landing faked?

    Much Love!