Sunday, December 21, 2008

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We love Little House on the Prairie; the books and the old TV show. I want to be Caroline. She is good and kind and wise and thoughtful and gentle and knows how to make all kinds of stuff . Plus, isn't she pretty? Pa seems to get all the credit for that, resourcefulness, I mean, but Caroline is just as ingenuitive in her realm as Charles is in his. Notice her hands in the picture below. Those are hard-working hands. (This must have been taken after The Long Winter--they are so thin.)Anyway, Little House is one of the few shows the pods are allowed to watch on Sunday; we think it is that wholesome.
A few years ago, the NBC people decided it was time to give Little House back to the people and started selling the TV show on DVD. The show has been in syndication for YEARS and I think they copied someone's recorded VCR version to sell. The color is bland and washed out, the picture sometimes jumps around a bit and the sound is bad. The television has to be up really loud to hear the dialog.
Today's problem is that my children leave the television on when the show is playing the closing credits. When the DVD hops back to the menu after the credits, the theme music is as loud as most shows at that volume level. Then, they leave it running. Over and over and over I hear THIS! And over and over and over, again, on a constant replay. LOUD.
It is at that point that I usually just unplug the television. Do you have problems with menu music, or is it just me?


  1. Hi Emily,
    I COMPLETELY concur! When we all get to the other side I am going to find Caroline Ingalls. I loved the pictures of her and Charles. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your blog.

  2. Oh, holy crap! I hate the credit music. And my husband is a night owl and he likes to fall asleep during a movie and then the credits play all night. So, I wake up in the middle of thenight and have to listen to it until I can work up the energy to go turn it off. I loved this blog entry!