Saturday, January 10, 2009

100th Post, New Computer

This is my 100th post and I am writing on this with my new computer. I was supposed to get a new computer last summer, but couldn't.

Being grateful for what you have makes it harder to be constantly wishing for more. My old computer was loved--by all of us. Because it was so loved, many keys were missing. There were no arrow keys, only one shift key and other AWOL keys, but the most missed was the B. Try typing without a B. I could make it work if I angled my finger into the space and pressed just so. Now, I just have to push B and a B pops up on the screen. It makes me want to type blueberries and britches and babbler and blubbering and cabbage and obbligato. 'Cause those are words I use all the time. Who knew a B could mean so much?

This was not the first time it was missing a few keys. Another obstacle was that we actually replaced the keyboard once. After a long conversation with "Kevin," (whose real name was Gujarati or Ashok), Dell sent us a new one. It was a Canadian keyboard. There is a difference between Canadian and US keyboards. The letters are in the same place, but the punctuation was wrong. As I tried to do more and more with the programming of my blog, this was getting irritating. If I needed a / or a >, I had to search by typing blindly until the right symbol appeared. **Ting** I am a ^!!

The battery was reduced to toxic waste, the memory couldn't handle any videos, and even Facebook would make the thing panic so it would just turn off. (I know that computers can't panic, but I don't know the technical words for it's lack of performance.)

I could go on and on, but I will save you from the stomach pains I have been experiencing for the last year. Let's just say, I am THANKFUL for my birthday present.

Come back often. There will be a lot of boisterous, bouncy, obstreperous blogging going on.

PS I totally know what obstreperous means.


  1. Happy B's & everything else. I think it was noBle of you to give your hair to your husband. Now I'm glad you have the computer - and happy that you didn't go into deBt to do it!

  2. Perhaps now I will get some relief from the constant guilt trips my children have been giving me for the last five months: "You know Dad, that computer ACTUALLY belongs to Mom." :)

  3. I hope you enjoy your new computer-- it sounds like you've earned it!
    My hair grows pretty fast- maybe I should look into selling it-- very dramatic!!

  4. ok i got to admit thet computer was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh uh nice. ok ok IT WAS A STUPID COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! them posts up.