Tuesday, January 6, 2009

*&%* Computer

I know how I want my blog to look. I have several tabs I would like to add. There are a few features I want available to me and my seven readers. Having graduated from high school about the time the internet became accessible to the common man, I am fairly computer literate.

But, I CANNOT figure out how to program this *&%* thing! Grrrr!!

I desperately add //'s and :'s thinking at any moment the information will suddenly turn into a beautifully formatted page. Oh, crap, I say, again, Maybe there needs to be a ><

Nope, still not working.

I have heard of people who experience great emotional stress and wake up with white hair. I begin checking my hair each morning expecting to see a mass of white. When asked what happened, I will just say, *&%* computer and the questioner will nod understandingly.

Sometimes I feel like the dolt who is trying to communicate with someone who speaks another language--by yelling.

If you can't understand me, you must be deaf because I am speaking perfect English!

There is so much information out there, you'd think you could get a degree in computer programming. Geez. Every time I fill out a form, I get to check the portentous box in front of Some College so I should be able to figure this out. . . right?


  1. I am sending your blog link to Chay. He will enjoy the videos...and he will be the eighth reader to read your blog today.

    do you seriously write all the html?

  2. I've noticed that whenever I comment on your blog I become retarded and I make a million mistakes in grammer, spelling- what is it about commenting on your blog?