Saturday, January 3, 2009

Field Trip

Yesterday, my husband had his first day off of work since his last final of Fall semester. We took advantage of the time and went to an Air Force museum in a neighboring state. We chose this activity because of this kid.

It was quite amazing. We saw span of things from the Wright Brothers' Plane . . .

to the Atomic Bomb. (Incredible photography, huh?!)

This was the first of the computer-guided missiles. Am I the only one who had a computer like this in Elementary School? We played Oregon Trail on it. It had five-inch floppy disks that were actually floppy. It often needed to re-boot and liked to display the helpful: syntax error. They used this same computer to direct missiles. Hmmm.

Anyway, our second pod was a great sport and our boy was in heaven.

The third child, was not. She sat in the stroller the whole time. When I asked her her favorite part of the museum, she said, the leaf room. This was a corridor between hangers that had dead leaves on the glass ceiling.I am so glad I have children and that I get to educate them. I would never have learned so much about planes and rockets and space exploration if I hadn't had a child who asked questions I couldn't answer. I enjoyed seeing the objects we had studied so in-depth.

But, my favorite part of the museum? The three-year old pod begging for a souvenir.

I want a missile! I just want a little missile, Mom!


  1. um...this field trip of yours so happened to be 2 minutes from my should have let me known and you could have come over to frost some rocket and missile cut out sugar cookies and we could have eaten leaf soup too.

    We play "name that jet" a lot at my house. They are extremely loud as they take off and land all day- I love it! Most people in the neighborhood hate it- but they come so close and they go so fast- it gives me the chills. Plus I get all American prideful and feel grateful to know men and women are practicing all the time for our safety.

    Dang it Emily. I wish I knew you were so incredibly close. Chay would have loved to walked through that museum.

  2. I remeber those old computers. How fun! It looks like you had a great time.

  3. should have called April...and you should have called me!!! We are so close too! My boys love going to the air museum. Let me know next time you might be close...we'd love to join you!

  4. I TOTALLY remember Oregon Trail!!! Good times. Looks like y'all had a blast. It's good you're willing to educate your children by taking them to museums. Especially since it meant packing them all in a car, driving for hours, then walking through a building with plenty of "do not touch" signs with little ones who don't understand why they can't go under the rope or around the barricades! Good for you!