Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great to be Gross

I'm not a big Birthday Party Mom. Birthdays are always a big deal, but the children really only get friend parties two or three times per life. This year has become the friend party year.

I was searching for 10 year old boy party ideas--too old for Superman or Dinosaurs, too young for loud music and junk food. It is the middle of January, so swimming was out and we're students, so we couldn't afford go-carts or laser tag. What do 10 year old boys like? Ahhh. I know. Anything gross; so that's what we had: A Gross Party.

And, it was a total hit.

The house was decorated with toilet paper instead of streamers, and his cake? Yes, his cake was a toilet. I know what you're thinking, but, remember, 10 year old boys.

Dinner was Sloppy Joe's with foaming bug juice to drink.

After dinner, we had a garbage scavenger hunt. I put newspaper, wet toilet paper, cooked noodles, syrup, frosting and other slippery, slimy things in a kitchen sized garbage bag. I then added objects they had to scavenge. Plunging their hands into the sticky mass, they had to find buttons, paperclips, screws and other small items. Then, we made snot.

They are kind of hard to read, but, but I think they liked that.

They ate chocolate bars with a fork and knife while wearing ski gloves. . . not gross, but funny.One invited guest couldn't come, so the sister played along to even out the teams. I think they had fun . . .

I am sorry about this picture.
If I ever hear him say, You never let me do anything!!! I'll just show him these pictures.


  1. I think that you have earned the title of The Greatest Mom Ever. My stomach turned just looking at your pictures so I think we'll not copy you next week when my son turns 11.

    Pass the ginger ale! The grossest part to me is the garbage dig. Even the thought of clean garbage made me queasy.

  2. I can't handle the snot booger picture...

    this made me laugh so hard Emily...

    um...I am going to link this in my next post ok?

  3. That is hilarious I love it. So creative. I hope I remember this in seven years when Evan turns ten. By the way I too think you earn The Greatest Mom Ever Award.

  4. DANG!! I now feel that my childhood was a complete waste.......having never had a Gross Party. birthday isn't too far off (and you should never completely grow up)......Ohhhh, Betsy, I now have a great idea for my 34th Birthday!!

    Thanks, Sanders continue to inspire me in the most wonderful (and sometimes strange) ways!!

  5. Okay, now THAT is creative. I'm going to have to copy that one for one of my boys when they're older.
    Is that lemon jello in the toilet bowl? Did anyone have a hard time eating it? lol.

  6. This just goes to show that I do not understand people very well. I really thought this post would not be interesting to most people. I love you guys.

    Toilet is a bunt pan for the bowl with two loaf pans for the tank. It is lemon jello that I set in a clear glass bowl then just placed in the bunt pan (I had to cut out a little of the cake to make it fit correctly). We served the urine (I know, I'm sorry) with the cake, instead of ice cream. My husband wanted to put some fun size Baby Ruth in the jello, but I didn't want everyone to be so repulsed that they wouldn't eat it. This theme could digress very easily . . .

  7. Make that bundt pan in the above comment.