Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a Few Times in History

Today was the inauguration of our 44th President of the United States. Although I disagree with 90% of Barak Obama's platform, he is now my president and I will pray for him. I believe in voicing opinions, in talking over the many sides of current issues, of engaging in healthy debates to come to the most correct decision for a family, community or nation. I have no problem with people who may think differently than me, as long as they are informed and have reasons for their stance. Nothing grates at me more than a person who is super passionate about an issue, but is only spouting rhetoric they recently heard a favorite actor/singer declare (with obvious authority). I also think it is good to "mix it up" every once in a while to maintain a healthy balance in government policy.

While I think there is a lot wrong with our government and it's leadership, there is also a lot of good. Inauguration day is one example. The fact that people cheered President Bush and President Obama, the fact that President Bush and President Obama shook hands and had coffee together, the fact that the Bushes will walk quietly and humbly out the back door while the Obamas walk triumphantly in the front, is a fruit of some of the good in our government system.

I am intensely patriotic and am so grateful for the freedom and opportunities this great land offers. Tears come easily at parades, when singing the National Anthem, when a flag passes by or at any other expression of freedom. Just try to get through this with dry eyes:

Inspiring. Also inspiring was the quartet who played--I love Itzhak Pearlman. His violin cries.

Anyway, an important day, today. As my children and I stood in the living room to watch the swearing in, I told them to remember this day. They will be able to tell their children about it someday.

God Bless America.


  1. Well said. I am grateful that we can live in a country with freedom to vote as we please.

  2. I just can't get over, that a man with --really ultimate power-- would vlountarily turn it over to someone else... and walk away. I think that is one of the grand things about our country-- and its Presidents-- that time after time, they will do this.
    What a country. What a fine job our founding fathers did in setting this up and then in setting the example for all to follow.
    I am glad you watched history in the making with your children.