Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Two Sides of Facebook

I joined Facebook not too long ago. It has been so fun, finding people I haven't seen in *gasp* 15 years, 20 years. People who were not responsible enough to remember to bring pencils to class now post pictures of tender moments with a beloved babe, or their sweet families in pumpkin patches. It is interesting to see the professions friends have chosen and, more often than not, I am not surprised at their choice. We rode the bus together for 13 years, after all. Even though so many years have passed and, hopefully, we have all grown up a bit, we are the same people we were then. I still can't spell or catch a ball and will talk to anyone who will listen. Also, I was voted Most Likely to Have Ten Children in my high school yearbook. I am halfway there! (And who ever heard of that as a category??)

I am no longer boy-crazy, having found the Ultimate Man. That legacy is haunting me once again, however, on the pages of Facebook. That's okay. It's embarrassing, but whatever. I can laugh at myself (mostly).

Many of my "friends" on Facebook I have wondered about at different times and even tried to contact a few. I still exchange Christmas cards with some. Most I thought I would never see again, figuring that time was past.

The other side of Facebook, though, is the not-so-great lives I am seeing. It is heartbreaking to see some divorced, lonely-looking, life-has-been-rough-to-me people. I had one person reveal his character by telling me, in the first line of a hello, that he is "making a killing" at his job. Who cares? I just want to know if you Like what you do and if you have Integrity in it's doing.

Today, though, I found a friend who played principle cello our orchestra. We sat next to each for years. (Yes, I played cello for many, many years. Have I ever told you that?) She is now a Doctor and teaching cello at University. She looks happy and satisfied, she is funny and sarcastic, and she is doing what she has worked for her whole life.

Why does she, and so many other found friends, bring me joy?

I can't analyze it properly because my baby had shots today and needs me. I'm sure there is something there that I need to decipher, but I'm not getting anything. My psycho-analysis has failed and my wrapped-up post ending is frayed and bleeding.

Maybe you can answer this question for me so I can go nurse my baby for the fourteenth time in thirty-nine minutes.


  1. I am wide-eyed at the wonder of facebook. yesterday i had a long conversation with a guy i hadn't talked to since elementary school...someone I once thought was "too cool", now considers me a childhood friend. so crazy.

  2. ok facebook.

    I should blog about facebook too.

    You know you can link your blog up to facebook so every time you post it will pop up on your profile and notify friends? You probably will increase your readers from 8 to 800.

    Anyway- so facebook. It kind of gives me the hibbie jibbies (how do you spell that) I don't like how it takes me back to junior high all over again...and I feel that when people see me on facebook they are instantly reminded of how retarded I was...and vain and selfish...and or whatever. Junior high makes me emotional- and I really just hate that phase of my life- and then high school- I wasn't much better then either. Anyway so it is kind of weird-

    and then there is the saddness of people's lives- a lot of my old friends seem to all have a beer can in their hands in their pictures and they all talk about parties and cool bars to drink at- and the girls all dress nasty look at my stomach type clothes-
    and to me it is so sad- but to them it is so normal without a hint of guilt and it makes me irritated and confused yet grateful for the I just really cherish my loyal friends that never needed to be retrieved through some social network like facebook-

    I love seeing photos though of everyone and seeing what people are doing- so I guess mix feelings too.

    oh and I thought I was going to finally wean Julia from nursing but she got sick and so...I went from barely nursing her to nursing 4 times yesterday- I swear these boobs of mine are just incredible...

  3. "Ultimate Man"

    You heard it here folks and NOT from me..