Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Fun

It is about -300 degrees Fahrenheit at our house. It is January. This is how my children choose to entertain themselves .
Hey, why have a fire if you don't roast marshmallows?

Family Fun for my Fabulous Five.

Where is their mother?!!

HaHaHaHaHaHa! Yeah, right. Many false things about this notion.

  1. I am not dainty
  2. They do not make books for my age and reading level that small
  3. My breasts are not as big as my head
  4. Like I would let my children alone with fire that near my house
  5. Like I get time to sit quietly and read (I am proud of my learned ability to read amidst chaos)
  6. Like my pods would allow their mothership to stay in the warm and cozy house instead of freezing in the wilds of the backyard
  7. Like I would want to miss out on their childhood adventures

Happy Winter, everyone!


  1. Oh I would love to take lessons from you on how to relax and enjoy life and mothering. I am still trying to get the hang of it here.

  2. It looks like fun times there - we wish we could have some snow down here!

    I love your comments on the dainty reader lady. :)

  3. Hey there :) Yeah, Nelle is wonderful isn't she? We are really lucky to get to have her, my dad finally wised up after like 5 years of "being friends" with her and married the incredible woman. I love to look at your blog and all the fun things you do with your kids. You help keep me inspired with homeschooling too, I do the public school from home and it gets overwhelming at times...

    And it wouldn't really be so bad to have breasts as big as our heads though would it? LOL, jk.