Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Know You Probably Don't Care, But . . .

I like dessert. I don't know a person living in these great United States who doesn't like dessert. While I do enjoy chocolate, I have never been able to enjoy the death-by-chocolate indulgences. It is just too much. My favorite desserts are usually more mild. Any kind of pie (excluding the pudding-in-a-crust kind) are sweet and satisfying. Pies are usually filled with more healthy things than other desserts--two cups of pumpkin or six cups of apples, for instance. They are beautiful on a plate and make me want to eat slowly--enjoying each bite. My pies are amazing. I will not attempt humility here--they are really that good. The secret is in the crust.

If I am going to have brownies, I want chewy and a touch bitter. Please do not frost them or fill them with chocolate chips. It is too much and the satisfaction of the texture is lost. Chocolates, now and again, are gratifying. By limiting yourself to only one or two, you get to savor each taste, let the flavor melt onto your tongue and, by so doing, eliminate our blinding stresses. I can make a bag of quality chocolates last months and I swear it makes me a better mother.

As far as candy is concerned, chewy goes a long way. Having said this, it is vital to remember that candy should not be punishment so all Brain Bursting Sour Chews are out. OUT. I recently discovered a perfect combination of chewy and sweet, but not too sweet, at Costco, in this. Black. Oh, my stars, these are yummy. You only need two or three to do the trick.

Every good mother has her candy hidden and every good mother knows why. I knew someone who kept hers in an emptied tampon box. Genius. I knew someone else who actually had a chest with a lock on it. It is hard to hide pie in the sock drawer, though, so I've gotten to the point where I make something like a chocolate cream for the family and then a custard pie for myself. I can eat an entire pie on my own. It is like baked egg nog and who doesn't like egg nog??

Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I need to run to Costco.

What is your favorite dessert and where do you hide it?


  1. I love dessert! I have Hershey's kisses up high on a shelf - this does not count as high quality chocolate but they're just good enough to give me a little chocolate fix without being so good that I eat the whole bag. (= Dove dark chocolate) Costco has an All-American Chocolate Cake that is The.Best.Chocolate.Cake.Ever!!! And I make a mean pound cake. I cannot stop eating it once I start - it's divine once it is chilled.

    I could go on & on about dessert - but I'll stop & go eat a rye cracker with cheese for my waist.

  2. I, for one, hate egg nog. It takes like phlegm. Yes, I said PHLEGM. Disgusting. I must say, I do love dessert. And I hide my chocolate and my candy of choice for the moment. I also buy myself expensive ice-cream and cheap ice-cream for the kiddos. They don't appreciate it. Dessert of choice? Right now I'll say pumpkin bars or cherry cheesecake. I think I'll make some when I get home tonight.

  3. I love dessert, but I love popcorn even more. Salty or sweet, I love it! So I don't really hide it because I eat it too fast!