Friday, February 13, 2009

My Nightmare

I love my teeth. They are nothing special, really. They are not impervious to cavities, like some people's teeth. They are not gleaming white, though without coffee, cola or tobacco, they aren't too yellowed. I am a very smiley person, though, and I am not embarrassed by my smile. I think a big reason I love my teeth is the three years and twenty-five days they were wrapped in metal. That is a big investment, if you consider it filled one quarter of my life by the time they were removed.

My recurring nightmare is that my teeth are loose or fall out unexpectedly. I had another one last night and I awoke in a panic. Sometimes I even run to check my teeth in the mirror. Always, I brush extra good that morning to make sure I am doing my part to insure their health and safety from those wily sugar bugs.

It freaks me out and I would have a completely happy life if it were not for this one thing so please help.

Do you have that dream? What does it mean?


  1. i hope you don't make me brush my teeth a thousand times a day! just beacuse you have those nightmares doesn't mean that i do!

  2. i have those dreams too. they went away when i went to the dentist for a check up. i had to have a root canal.

  3. Yes--- that too is my recurring nightmare!!! What does it mean? I've googled it to try to find out. From what I read it was a worrying about money thing.
    Let me know if you hear something different. IT IS VERY DISTURBING!!!!!

  4. I have a friend who is a marriage & family therapist. She says that most dreams are best interpreted by the dreamer. I don't know if that's a cop-out or a reality.

  5. This site has a lot of insight into these dreams.

    I think it goes back to you being the best interpreter of your dreams.

  6. I'll tell you what--I had that dream once in my life and I will never forget it. I read about it because I wondered why. What I came to understand for me was that I was feeling out of control in my life. Loosing teeth-something I couldn't control (they just kept falling out and I was trying to put them back in) was how I felt in life--I just couldn't fix everything.