Saturday, February 21, 2009


I was seven months pregnant with my fifth child when I fell down the stairs. There was a piece of clear plastic on the top stair that I could not see with my protruding belly in the way. I fell on my backside so my baby probably just thought I was dancing with the big kids, again. Though I scrambled to catch hold of the rail, it was too late and the stairs too steep. When I reached the bottom, I limped into my bedroom, unfolded on my bed and sobbed deep, heaving sobs. It scared the tar out of me.

Now, though it has been nearly a year, my heart still leaps a little when I go down stairs--any stairs. I always hold the rail, now, but, if my hands are full and there is no way to hold the rail, I walk like a toddler. Stairs are always a bit more challenging to navigate in heels, but now I get grizzly pictures in my mind as I imagine myself splayed at the bottom stoop because my heel caught the edge of the step.

Is there such a thing as stair-phobia?

Post Script: I just googled "Fear of falling down stairs" and, guess what? IT IS A REAL THING!! It's called climacophobia. One place promises to relieve my fear for $2974. Where did they come up with that number? Weird. Like someone could be afraid of falling down the stairs. Geez.


  1. As a child, I remembered falling down the stairs at my great-grandma's home. I asked my mother about it one day & she said that I had been a young baby (six to nine months old). It was such a traumatic experience that I remembered it for almost twenty years.

    Hope you can find a nice sprawling rambler for your next home.

  2. I have a fear of steps also. I have fallen down more steps in my life than I would like to admit, I always hold on to the railing & even sometimes, then I lose it & end up at the bottom of the stairs. I t is a scarey thing! I totally understand. The pictures of steps that you have shown, almost could cause an anxiety attack for me! I'd better stay away!