Sunday, February 1, 2009


Up at the top of my blog, you will notice that there are several tabs. They have been, for the most part, defunct. I am not a computer programmer and all of the // and [.]'s remain mostly mysterious. Add to the equation that the template I chose was written in a Latin-based language that is not English, and you will see why this took me much of January to figure out.

But, hooray, I have one page done! Click on "the fleet" above and you will be directed to a page full of information about, well, my fleet. (How do you feel about the all lowercase business? This is the kind of thing that usually irritates me, but it is speaking to me, for now.) I made little last-day-of-summer-camp videos that will probably only interest my mom, but you can watch them, if you want.

I remember the first time I frosted a double-layer cake and miraculously portioned the frosting so it would cover the entire cake (not just the picture-taking side). I was so impressed with myself. No one else cared--except my mom, who proclaimed me the most talented 14 year old she had ever had the chance to meet.

I feel like that.

Post Script: I have been informed that the tabs cannot be seen if you are using FireFox. I have no idea in all of the universe, how to correct that. If you do, please let me know!


  1. P.S. It also doesn't work if you are using safari(Mac)!

  2. You're amazing. A lifelong learner. Can we be friends?