Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I've Been Doing

Last Fall, my husband started pharmacy school. Pharmacy is a very rigorous program so his study time increased exponentially. Also, we had decided at the beginning of his college career, that we would do everything financially possible to allow him to avoid working. I worked at several odd jobs, those first three years, and took thrift to a new level (my grocery/household budget when we first started school was $175 a month for our then family of six). Last summer, however, my husband found two part-time jobs. He kept them for the first two months of the semester, then quit one of them. He continues to work part-time for a local pharmacy.
Needless to say, we rarely saw him. He came home at about six and stayed at long as two hours--usually less--until he was off, again, to the library or a job.

Recognizing this was to be the pattern for the next four years, I decided to do something about it.

One day in September, I took a chain saw and cut a big hole in the side of our garage. I built new shelves in the storage section of the garage and organized it. Then, after building a separating wall, I made a study room for my husband. Because I have a lot of children and must continue grocery shopping, home schooling, and laundry folding, it took me the whole of last semester and a couple of weeks of this one.
But, now, I get to see my favorite friend every time he takes a bathroom/stretching/food break. If I have something to tell him, I just run into the back yard and tell him. Here it is:

He has a long desk, book shelves, a peg board, and a white board.

We get to see more of him, and he doesn't have to miss out on this:

Or this:

It was worth every sliver and back ache.


  1. you bet we get to see him more and get more learning on the kidney and the heart. but.....

  2. That looks awesome! Good job on everything. I'm so glad you get to see him more often. It makes a huge difference to know you are not alone in all that goes on in a day.

  3. No wonder you needed your own tool belt - you are one awesome chick!

  4. Wow. I mean seriously --wow.
    I've seen you do this sort of thing before but you did this ALONE. And with, like 15 little kids. Or 5... not much difference when they are all small... and half the neighborhood is always hanging around.
    I pick you for my team, OK? Oh wait, you're ON my team.
    I am proud of you.

  5. Look at you Girl!!! You are amazing! I am so impressed. It's amazing to have them around more often in the evenings. This is the first that I have had Clayn in the evenings in 4 years & it really is great!
    Yeah, for you!