Friday, March 13, 2009

The Curious Brain

I have a problem. It is reaccuring and infuriating. I do not have a name for it, though it needs one.

When I am laying in bed at night or doing laundry or washing dishes, I come up with the greatest blog posts. I compose them in my mind. They are clever and witty and thought-provoking. They are filled with wisdom and inspiration. They propose a new way of thinking and being and doing.

Then, when I have a moment to sit down and type, those incredible ideas are AWOL. . . poof . . . vanished.


**Does anyone know of a great tutorial for the lay, lye, laid, laying, lie problem? I am never sure which goes where. Thanks.


  1. **May have posted, my ccomputer is confused**
    I have a condition like your. It's called Mommy Applesauce Brain Syndrome. Ideas slip away because your brain is slowly turning into fruit compote and dripping out your ears. Let me know if you find a treatment. Maybe we should have some kind of fundraiser to find a cure.

  2. This happens to me exactly.

    Ok, have you ever seen stranger than fiction?

    Well that movie is very entertaining to me because I feel like my life is like a blog post...

    I feel like if I could put a s.d card into my head as I go throughout my day, I would have the most fascinating book at the end of the month-

    I feel like my life is always being narrated- and it is like a game to make the events of my day into entertaining liturature form...

    I now have a notepad on my fridge with pencil- and I jot things down when they come into my brain- but many times I am downstairs doing laundry or holding a screaming within a few seconds the great ideas that float through my head are gone...nowhere to be found..floating around on some ion of light in some quantum physics explanation of memory in the atmosphere...come back please