Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Alive

My dad is in town. I've told you a little about him before. I've also told you about my project. After about 20 minutes of visiting (which, by the way, coined the term visitor), Dad had had enough. He started looking for a project.

After a lot of money at Lowe's, heaping mounds of dirt in my backyard, a fifteen foot trench, and the hauling out of every tool I own . . .

we have electricity!! The extension cord that my husband had draped across the lawn is coiled and put away. The trench has been filled in and, because there are miracles even today, all of the fixtures and outlets that I put in WORK. I cried. I literally cried when the lights came on like they were supposed to.

So, now the study room has power, a heater and a porch light for his early morning/late night study sessions. Can I just say:

Thank you for watching.

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