Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Time

Usually when you see that title, it means another blog is giving up the ghost. This post is not about the end of blogging, it is about the end of my couch.

Let me introduce you. We bought this sofa in the year 2000. It was our first couch (we had a used love seat and an even more used chair) and it was purchased with my last paycheck. I saw it in the showroom three months before I could actually pay for it and loved it. I still think it's a pretty cute couch, but it had some serious issues--none of which are the fault of nine years and seven people. *wink*
It had very high legs so you could see almost all the way to the wall. The problem with this, is that the vacuum cleaner didn't fit under there, so crumbs, small toys, the atlas, the phone book, wires and other things that were supposed to hide under couches were always in plain view. It was a daily job for the skinny pods to fish out balls that rolled under, popcorn, shoes or whatever else tried to escape.

Please also notice the always classy cinder block that held up one side of the sofa so it wouldn't send guests plunging to their deaths (or at least to a sore backside).

This was another serious problem with said piece of furniture: the cushions were not secured to the back and were ALWAYS looking disheveled. Several times a day I was straightening cushions. I hated them. They were the bane of my tidy living room.

Problem number 98: The seats were awfully threadbare.

And it's underwear was showing.

We decided that, since the recession is making for some great furniture prices, it was time to let it go. Not having a truck to bring it to the dump, I put it outside with a free sign on it. It was gone within hours. I felt a touch sentimental, but mostly ready to see it gone. My pods, however, were beside themselves, "It's the only couch I've ever known," and "I love that couch," and "Please, Mom, one more picture."

Okay, the last request was not hard. Baby Pod was asleep, but we got the other four on the beloved seat.

And they insisted on getting a picture of me. (Even here, notice how my weight is pulling the thing into a V shape.)

My oldest conducted a funeral. "You've been a good couch. Mom went into labor on you. You were fun to jump on (obviously) and had a lot of cushions for our forts. We will miss you. Goodbye, old friend."

They stood in the window and watched the guy take away his "new" couch.

Then they jumped on my new sofa until I threatened to bury them in the backyard.

The End.


  1. I'm thinking that I need to see the new sofa? Where is it? I can't be left hangng like this for long.

  2. Congratulations!

    I agree with Brittany! Where's a pic of the new one!?

  3. I would love to see a picture of the new sofa too!!! Congrats on the passing on - the guys probably thought they got a great deal.