Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mad, Mad, Mad!

A few things get my blood boiling. I have avoided writing about them in this sphere because I don't want to alienate anyone, but I have to write about this issue.

I am screaming mad about the economic packages being passed by the president and congress. MAD!! My husband and I have made many sacrifices to be fiscally responsible. We are living in a tiny, old house which I romanticize by calling it a bungalow. Truthfully, it is an old house with a leaky foundation, lead paint, and corroding pipes. We bought it, though, because we knew we could pay for it and fix it slowly without going into debt. I feed my family of seven on $200 a month. That means I spend a lot of time in the kitchen making foods from scratch. We drive a 13 year old van with 100 broken things. I make many of the children's clothes and rarely eat out. We do not have a cell phone (or even caller ID). I don't take the children into a studio for portraits because of the money. Do not get me wrong; I am not upset about being poor. We have learned a great many lessons and have been blessed time and time again during this time of little to no income. I really do love my bungalow because I have put so much of myself into it's improvement. I'm just laying this out there for you so that you can understand why my fingertips are white and my lips are pursed.

Count ten and take a few deep breaths, Emily.

What makes my hair flame is all of the "government spending" to help out the guy who has more bathrooms, a newer car, $700 a month in food stamps, and has taken his kids to Disneyland several times. And WHY, in a side note, do they call it "government spending?" That is not the government's money!! It is MY MONEY! I have a friend who may get up to $10,000 if they agree to buy a home this year. This is a gift, not a loan. While that is great for them, I would like Ten Thousand Dollars! When we purchased our first home, we had to take a financial planning class and then had to pay mortgage insurance until we had 20% equity in our home. What happened to that? All of the risky mortgages that started this most recent ruin should have been insured. But, heck. Why pay for insurance when your neighbor, who will be saving for three more years to take her family to Disneyland, would gladly pay your mortgage when you can't? You just sit there in your comfy chair and watch your humongous TV while you wait for me to pay up. You know I'm good for it because I've never even bounced a check, much less defaulted on a loan.

What happened to Debtor's Prison? If you couldn't pay, you went to freaking JAIL. Now, you just get a pat on the back and a sympathetic, "I understand. You needed all of those collectible plates." I don't think we should reinstate Debtor's Prison (because the prisoner didn't pay back the loan, the children and wife did), we certainly should not be rewarding the irresponsible thief for their deeds.

Now, I realize that some people came upon their troubles honestly (and many more will, over the next few months). This rant is not directed at them.

Haven't we always been told that if it seems too good to be true, it is? Well, now, if it seems too good to be true, and it turns out to be too good to be true, don't worry, the tax payers will allow you to keep your leather living room set, your heated bucket seats, and your riding lawnmower, and we'll make sure your mistake won't even effect your future credit.

So, spend away, you filthy scum. I've got your back.

With all my love,
The Mothership


  1. So what do you REALLY think Emily??? Just kidding - I totally agree that it's not fair & it will affect us & our children's children for generations. Bad news - and the executives still get raises. Insane.

  2. Tiff had to show me this. I totally agree. My favorite Hillary Clinton quote, and the only one of her quotes I can even stand, "Politicians are always willing to bribe you with your money." I grew up very poor on a dairy farm, and worked hard to eek my way into the middle class, and now I feel very threatened by those who don't ever want to work for anything, or take responsibility for when their risks did not pay off. I feel very blessed and thankful for what I have, and don't wish harm on anyone, but privatizing reward and socializing risk is clearly the end of our civilzation.


  3. Agreed! Your wording is perfect.

  4. oh don't get me started Emily.


    um, never be afraid to write about stuff like this- those who get offended we can just drop them by the way side and gather all those who agree...

    I just keep looking for the end in sight and the promises Heavenly Father has given this great land- I am hoping the righteous will somehow create a miracle amongst all this corruption.

    Remember when our food stamps fed your family??? LOL that was so fun! Yes, Chay and I were dirt poor when we were first starting out...but you know- when my medicaid case worker told us we qualified for food stamps I felt this overwhelming desire to succeed and be independent...and for those short 4 months we made a decision that we were going to live the American dream...

    and well...we are still kind of barely making it at times...but we are working hard- and we are self reliant- and it feels great!...and hopefully things will continue to go up hill...

    I am so worried about this great nation. So many people are hopeful and grateful that they have a president who is going to take care of them...what has happened to us?

    My aunt just told me on Sunday, "What is so wrong with England anyway? is better to be socialist than to have some people rich and others poor" I couldn't believe what I was hearing...and I had to give up talking to her- she was already a gonner...

    anyway- so I am trying to be full of hope during all of this- it is sad...and I love this great country. All we can do is do our part and allow the blessings and the wrath of God take over...scary...but it is all in his hands...

    you should join the book club! Have you ever read the 5000 year leap?

    I have really loved your blog lately- and I have wanted to comment but...just didn't

  5. The comment about England (no rich/no poor) reminded me of the No Child Left Behind legislation. What I see in the schools (especially here in SC where we're at the bottom) is that no child gets left behind but no child gets ahead. It is bad for everyone. Why be excellent? If there is no great reward, mediocrity becomes the prize.

  6. OH! A great big Hoosier AMEN!

    I was appalled when our state went blue in the last election. I feared we were getting the government the Lord felt we deserved. This is worse than I imagined. We can only hope enough people are angry, and the scales have fallen from their eyes when the next congressional election rolls around.

  7. I am SOOOO with you on this one. Well put!

  8. I hear ya! I HEAR YA! This post hits a nerve with me. I can't believe what I'm seeing anymore. Honestly, I'm so disgusted that I've just stopped watching the news for a while. I kept wanting to rip out my hair. And since I don't much like to vacuum.....

    Anywhoooo, you are so very much NOT alone on this one!

  9. You hit the nail on the head!

    I love reading your blog..keep up the good work. :)
    Tammy in Germany

  10. So im looking at starting my own blog, and as such am doing a bit of research on others doing similar blogs. I stumbled upon your blog as it shares a similar name to what i was planning on using and're brilliant. Just thought I'd let you know. I will continue to follow your innate genius and really look up to you as a person. Just fyi.