Thursday, March 26, 2009

Right Before My Eyes

Pod #1 had a doctor's visit the other day. While there, the doctor told us that puberty had begun (about which we had a clue, and bought him deodorant, recently). He said to expect a flurry of changes over the next 18 months, or so. The boy was thrilled, but dignified.

Afterword, we went to a pretzel place for a treat. He got a pretzel covered in a thick layer of Parmesan cheese. We sat on a bench in the mall and talked about puberty and I explained some of the unfamiliar terms the doctor used.

Time goes so quickly. This little boy, whose birth and infant life I remember so clearly, was changing right before my eyes. The doctor said he was in the 89% for height so he'll probably be over 6'. That came as a surprise because, though I have tall genes, the husband's gene pool is of the shorter folk. As we visited on that bench, now about other things, I saw a young man walking with his parents. He was probably 15 years old and his bones were too long for his fat. As the gangly boy passed, I thought, That will be me with my boy in just a few years. Before I know it, my Pod will be tall, with a deeper voice and the chiseled features of a man, grown out of his boyhood softness. Tears crept into the corners of my eyes as I pictured the seemingly instant growing-up of my boy. I put my arm around his shoulders and squeezed. Then I looked down.

I'm not sure what happened to him while I was replacing the passing young man's face with my son's, but something changed.

Somehow, the nearly gone pretzel had exploded on my boy. He had Parmesan in his hair, all down the front of his dark blue t-shirt, sprinkled across his jeans, and, instead of the darkened peach fuzz I think I expected to see, he had white cheese covering his mouth and chin. He was coated.

Ummm, nope. Not a man, yet. That was a close one.


  1. Oh how do they grow up so fast??? I wish we lived near each other - our boys could be friends!!! It seems like Ryan is bouncing between being the sweetest 11-year-old ever & a big almost-teenager. Craziness! One of my experienced-boy-mom friends said to enjoy 10 & 11 because it gets worse for a while - and then better. So far even 11 has been good.

  2. I love how you described his bones being to long for his fat. That's a perfect way to describe these young men!

  3. I dunno, my husband still gets messy when he eats. ;) They do grow up fast, though. I marvel at how quickly my babies are turning into boys.