Friday, March 20, 2009


It must be Spring. I told my husband the other day that something was just "not quite right" with me. He explained it simply, "You are a gardener and can't be in the garden. You are out of balance." It made so much sense to me.

Today, I was outside as much as possible. I moved dirt, raked, pulled, picked up Winter-blown garbage, created a new bed, and felt the sun on my bare arms for the first time in nearly a century (or at least it felt that long). My freckles are making their annual DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME statement. Like I could. There is a long Master List on my desk of garden Things To Do and I feel great! In the last several days, all of us have been needing to get outside. We have flown kites and blown bubbles. (It is really hard to get a picture of bubbles.) We stare at the Spring bulbs that are just beginning to show their brilliant, awakening color. The sidewalk is covered with chalk.

And, look who is nine months old:

Closer . . .
Doing her funny crawl which involves not hands and knees, but hands and feet.
Oh, my word. Sweetest Baby Pod.

I am expecting at least one more good snow, here in the Mountains, but I'm taking every glimmer of sunlight and unfrozen soil that is offered.

Can you feel it, too?


  1. Clark was a hands and feet crawler too. We called him Mogley, from Jungle Book.
    Glad you are getting your garden therapy.

  2. I can feel it.

    Oh my gosh can I feel it. I am so happy.

    I wish the weather could be 68 degrees all year long- the sun is just healing me I swear. Lack of vitamin D gets me so so very depressed- so I am thankful

    I already planted indoors all my tomatoes and broccoli. And I am going to get compost here today and work the soil. I am doubling the garden this year.

    Now I just need a big sun hat- I have a freckle problem too.

  3. Oh, how I WISH I were a gardener! I so admire those of you with this passion. Happy Spring!

  4. Happy Spring, indeed. It was an ugly winter here in Chicago. People are buzzing with excitement that it's all but over (April will break your heart every time here). Such a sweet Baby Pod! I love watching littles figure out how to travel.

  5. Your husband is SO right. I never thought of it that way. Here's to finding balance by getting outside and getting dirty.

    I wish we lived closer so we could enjoy gardening together.